A while ago I did a write up of the top blog posts on this site.  Oh…um, I guess that was 5 years ago now.  Wowaa.  Well, Here’s the same […]

Intro: 2 posts, 1 bored security tinkerer I was stuck on a cross-country plane trip recently, and I started reading up on some security posts.  I found two interesting ones, […]

Shady Notices

I got this slipped in my door the other day: It’s lame. It uses fancy pants legal lingo to attempt to convince you that you’re in deep poop if you […]

I’m on the plane back home having just attended Hope X in NYC. What fun! I’ve attended other hacker conferences, and I found Hope to be comparable. As prep for […]

Thanks to the artists in my life

I walked into our bedroom the other day and saw this: Upon closer inspection you might notice the wonderful colors and fabrics in that quilt: And then your eye might […]