Monthly Archives: November 2009

Update: Firefox does have reset & more

0 minutes, 16 seconds

A bit ago I posted about how Firefox 3.5 doesn’t have an easy way to reset all the cookies and cache files and the like. I stand corrected. Not only does it has this feature, it has an even better ‘clear for the last hour’ or ‘clear for all time’. Handy! I took some screen shots to show ya.

From Burning Man-town to Oaktown

0 minutes, 24 seconds

I was riding my bike to west oakland BART this AM when two figures rose up into the sky, out of a commercial space on Mandella Parkway. It’s great to live in an area where artists store the their stuff roadside. A very welcome addition to the morning commute.

Here’s photos of the space in oakland before (via google street view), the space this morning, the locale on google maps and then a pic from bman. Google photos stolen, bman photo used via CC license from flickr.