Monthly Archives: March 2012

How I Make Coffee

0 minutes, 38 seconds


  1. Start kettle on the stove
  2. Measure 24 grams of beans
  3. Grind beans in bur grinder
  4. Wet Chemex filter
  5. Put grinds in Chemex filter
  6. Pour 30-60 grams by weight of water to bloom grinds
  7. Wait
  8. Poor a total of 240 grams by weight of water
  9. Enjoy


  • I use a scale
  • My target is 10 to 1, water to grinds. For 24 grams, I would use 240 grams of water, by weight.
  • My grinder is Kitchen Aid KPCG100OB Bur Grinder
  • I use a small Chemex
  • I get my beans from the wonderful Bica Coffee House
  • The grind is set to be as course or fine as Bica grinds their poor overs
  • I drink my coffee black
  • I try to use beans that were roasted less than 3 weeks ago
  • I store my beans in a hermetically sealed, light proof jar
  • 8oz fluid ounces of coffee per serving is just right for me!