Monthly Archives: October 2011

More water, more spider webs

0 minutes, 11 seconds

Apparently the shutterbug in me loves spiders as well as their webs when wet. Or, maybe I just need an excuse to try to master my (still some what) new camera.

In any case, here’s some water in the setting sun light:

Spiders abound

0 minutes, 13 seconds

I never really paid much attention, but apparently there is a spider season. We’re clearly in it! Tons of webs and tons of spiders. It’s cool.

Here’s one I found just around the corner of my house to compliment the web in my back yard from last post:

Spider web and Hard Drives

0 minutes, 13 seconds

What to do on a sunny weekend? Why, hose down your local spider web, line up hard drives and take videos and photos of them all, of course! It is pretty insane just how fast that hard drive head moves. Check out the video below.