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Jolicloud OS is just Ubuntu Netbook Remix

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After seeing a post over on Engadget about the new Jolicloud,  I decided to check it out. It quickly became apparent that it is just Ubuntu Netbook Remix (UNR) with a different skin and a nice Jolicloud app.  Looking at some forum posts and the comments on the above Engadget link, my opinion isn’t too novel or new. What is dissapointkng is that Engadget fronts like this is something more amazing than UNR’s latest release, which I run and like.

Me? I’m waiting for Meego 1.1 which is expected to drop in October.

Google: gmail, mail and calendar sync with Meego Netbook (Google Apps Too!)

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Recently a reader inquired about how to set up Meego to sync with gmail mail, calendar and contacts based off me mentioning I got it working.  I use Google apps for mail hosting at, so this applies to both gmail and Google Apps (domains that use gmail for their email server).  Settings are based off IMAP settings for Thunderbird.

Here’s the steps I took for a clean install of Meego (see matching screenshots below too):

  1. Launch Mail for the first time
  2. Enter your Google Apps or Gmail login info (per google IMAP or thunderbird )
  3. Choose IMAP (again, per google IMAP or thunderbird )
  4. Configure SMTP (again, AGAIN per google IMAP or thunderbird )
  5. Confirm and make sure contacts and calendar are checked
  6. Mail Works!
  7. Launch Calendar and Contacts
  8. Contacts synched!
  9. Calendar synched! (no screenshot :( )

WordPress 3.0 Released – Time To Upgrade

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As I’ve mentioned time and time again, you should keep your WordPress instance up to date. Go upgrade today! I just did and it worked with out a catch. Ever since 2.7 when they released autoupgrade with SFTP support, It’s much more simple to keep things current. Don’t open up FTP to your server (no passwords in the clear!), but do open SFTP and make your life much easier.