Monthly Archives: August 2011

Woody’s B-Day

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I had a lovely time tonight celebrating my friend Bill’s birthday. Happy birthday Bill!

Here’s a photo; be sure to click through to see them all:

B-Day Dinner Fun

As well as two videos from the night. You had to be there:

Raise my taxes, please

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As we all know, there’s been a lot of movement in all levels of government around budget cuts instead of tax increases. I was inspired to make today’s post after reading Mr. Buffet’s op ed in today’s Times. Those of you that know me know that Warren and me are not anywhere near the same tax bracket. However, I feel we’re severely short changing our future by defunding critical programs. Having less social services, poorer quality health care and, pun intended, dumbed down education system won’t make us a richer country in the long run. Though I’m not sure I fully agree with the Nordic Model, there’s one aspect I do agree with. I think we should raise taxes, yes for the rich, but across the board as well .

Raise my taxes, please.