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Amazon Coffee Filters: Sold used AND with 4 year protection plan

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Mmmm….coffee from used filters bought online….tasty!

Punk Rock Band Name: Desiccated Ceiling Rabbit

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I was over at my friends house  and they have kids.  One of their kids’ favorite games is to take their sticky, stretchy toy (like these, but rabbit shaped) and throw it up on the ceiling.  Their son has a patented lick-and-stuff-under-your-armpit-for-5-seconds technique which imbues just the right amount of moisture. It’s amazing.

However, before i saw his patented technique, and before even knowing they had the toys, I noticed something was stuck up on the ceiling and asked what it was.

Desiccated Ceiling Rabbit

Was the answer I got back!

Dog Poop Reminder

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This is a truly free idea idea, like my other one, but not like the category at large which has a lot of open source stuff (also free!).

Often when I’m out for a trail run or for a hike with the fam, I see bags of dog poop. Like, right there on the side of the trail, some one saw their dog poop, they pulled a bag out of their pocket, and then they put the stinky poop in the bag. Super nice of them! Then, for some reason, they put the bag of poop on the side of the trail. (Now that I’ve mentioned this to you, I’m sure you’ll see a lot of these.)

But why leave it trailside?!? Why not take it to a trash can and throw it away? Presumably, this is because they don’t want to hike for 2 hours holding a bag of poop. So they think, “I’ll just leave it here and then remember to pick it up on the way back”. Then they forget.

So, what they need is a reminder! This would start out as super simple app for you phone. You launch the app and it immediately opens your camera. You take a pic of yer dog’s poop, and off you go. When you took that picture, the app also noted your GPS coordinates. Then, when you get with in say 100ft of the poop an alarm goes of, “PICK UP YOUR DOG’S POOP!” and shows you the picture you took to help you remember where/which poop it is.

Subsequent versions could implement:

  • Time out reminder – This will to go off N minutes after you leave the poop. Say 4 hours, which assumes that you didn’t go back and pick it up. This alert could also be tied to the fact that you didn’t go back to the GPS poop spot.
  • Multi-dog poop awareness – When the app launches it shows you a picture of all your dogs. You pick the dog which just pooped and then take a pic. This way you can have multiple poops in one trip and know which dog did what.
  • Poop Analysis – The app could alert you if your dog hasn’t pooped on your walks or something. And, you know, if you wanna be like all the cool kids you could do real time poop analysis using Tensor Flow. As well, if you do the same walk every day, you could heat map where your dog is most likely to go.
  • Poop Pickup Up-sell – Now that you have GPS coordinates of your pet’s poop, just go pay some one to pick it up for you with a click!
  • Poop Points – I’m not sure what they’d be worth, but you could social network this bad boy and people could get poop points for picking up other people’s dog’s poop. Certainly the gamification might draw people, but otherwise, I dunno what you’d redeem these points for

Go forth and make this app! The idea is on me, for free.

Otherwise, if you’re a dog owner, please, please pick up that poop.