Free Idea: Abstracted Facebook Anonymizer

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Welcome to my first post in the oft thought of, but rarely written, category of free ideas. These are ideas that if I had more time I might execute on. However, being a full time employee, husband and father of two, I don’t have time to build, create or code them. Instead, I shall give them away for free here in hopes that some one else will at least get a kick out of them, if not actual do something with ’em!

Y’all remember I wrote the 404er plugin for wordpress, right? This plugin was created out of the desire to give people the ability to publish a blog only for human consumption. Search engines would see the 404 header on every page of your blog and not index a lick of information. While not entirely practical, you could publish a blog that wouldn’t exist (if a tree falls and google hasn’t indexed it…) unless some one sent you a link directly.

In that same vein, I’ve never been on Facebook as I don’t trust their privacy policy and intentions. I’m not alone. However, everyone and their mother (OMG! almost a billion people) is on Facebook. This means you miss out on photos, invites and such your friends are sharing.

Enter the Abstracted Facebook Anonymizer, first up in the free idea category. An SDK would be written against the Facebook API. The SDK would somehow create one Facebook account per friend. It would then re-assemble all the posts from your many accounts with one friend each into a single wall, as if you had a single account. The net result would be that you could use Facebook via this SDK proxy and Facebook wouldn’t ever have the full data picture of who you were friends with and what you were sharing.

I await the creation of, though I’m sure Facebook’s TOS wouldn’t stand for it!

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