5 x 5 Anthem East Trail

0 minutes, 41 seconds

Ever since Hans showed me the way with his 5×5 of Sibley, I’ve been mildly obsessed with this format. It’s so quick to put together and forces to you to think about what’s really necessary to tell the story. That said, I think I failed in my recent attempt to tell a *good* story, but it was really fun to shoot and even more fun to ride:


Video was shot just a 10 minute ride from our house in Henderson, NV on/around Anthem East Trail (PDF). I’m spending all my rides (all 3 of them) exploring this area as it’s so close to our house.

Video is 1080/30P and shot on my “Faux Pro” (ya know, instead of a Go Pro), my new Galaxy S3 in an OtterBox. I never would have though of shooting first person cycling videos, but the Otter clipped so nicely on my camel back strap!

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