Poon Hill Trek

Be sure to read my prior post about attending the APRICOT 2018 conference in Nepal before the trek! Intro & Highlights This was my first time trekking and my first […]

6 Vegas Sunsets, 1 ride

And one Bay Area one while flying out of OAK ;) #6 was taken on this evenings quickie MTB ride to my fave local spot.  Here’s what it looked like […]

Pancakes in the abstract

After we finally got our fancy squeeze bottles, we’ve been practicing making fancy pancakes. I’m still pretty rusty, but having fun! Here’s two abstract shapes and one other which you […]

Thanks to the artists in my life

I walked into our bedroom the other day and saw this: Upon closer inspection you might notice the wonderful colors and fabrics in that quilt: And then your eye might […]

More Bee Pictures

I’m not up on my bees, but this was a big bee! He was very docile (…dying?) and in my in-laws yard. Easy target for the camera! Same yard as […]

More water, more spider webs

Apparently the shutterbug in me loves spiders as well as their webs when wet. Or, maybe I just need an excuse to try to master my (still some what) new […]

Spiders abound

I never really paid much attention, but apparently there is a spider season. We’re clearly in it! Tons of webs and tons of spiders. It’s cool. Here’s one I found […]