Spider web and Hard Drives

What to do on a sunny weekend? Why, hose down your local spider web, line up hard drives and take videos and photos of them all, of course! It is […]

I had a lovely time tonight celebrating my friend Bill’s birthday. Happy birthday Bill! Here’s a photo; be sure to click through to see them all: As well as two […]

Level Up to Bees Knees

So, y’all remember how much I loved American Born Chinese? Mr. Yang’s latest is Level Up and I just finished it. It’s great! Not quite as good as ABC, but […]

Oil, Water and tasty Vodka

Well, OK, not all three together. First up, while doing dishes some hot water hit some congealed butter at the bottom of a Pyrex. The butter melted, but not into […]

Spicy Vodka Martini

Wow! I doubt I’m the first to discover this, but a spicy Martini is damn tasty. Here’s how it went: Our friend from twtitw was over and had brought a […]

Baby Spider Pictures

My in-laws have an awesome back yard and against their above ground pool I found a mom and her baby spiders hanging out in their web. After finding an improv […]