Monthly Archives: December 2009

Go Faster Encoding

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A while ago I mentioned my quest for a multi-core optimized encoder (transcoder). Recently I was giving DVDFab’s product a whirl and wow! Moving a DVD to an MP4 with their product flew! I’m not on my work machine, but instead on my home machine, which is no slouch, and she really shined. Check out the pic to see all the cores firing in unison. That said, DVDFabs pricing seems quite high, but I haven’t done any comparison shopping nor exactly figured what they offer for free. I will say going to a polished commercial product makes this type of transcoding much easier than learning all the tricks to jump through the open source hoops.

Chocolate Crinkle Cookie Photos

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24 hours in photos

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Hey all! A quickie photo post of pics taken with the new phone. Sunset from the tippy top of Volmer Peak, coffee at the new and wonderful Modern Coffee in the old tribune tower (see S’s post with great lake merit shots!) and then a night at the wonderful paramount theater.

Our Tree

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Quick post to share two photos. Enjoy!