Oakland & SF Photos, Coffee and Scotch Whiskey

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Ok, this’ll be a good ramble. In order of the photos below, first up is the PG&E embarcadero substation. Huge buildings that have no windows are not for humans. They seem to always be for some utility company. Weird and cool looking. Next up is a shot of a late I made at work. Microfoam is looking good, latte art, not so much. We’ll get there, just you wait and see. Next up, the shocking truth about the price of a bottle of decent scotch. The first is Eddie’s Liquors which has a bottle for $70. Then Trador Joe’s has the same bottle for $37. Shocking! After than is the 411 30th building in oakland. Some what unassuming until you check out the details (art deco?) of the lobby. I love this old stuff.

Last night I did a ride from our house, through downtown oakland, through china town, past laney, all the way south down to the park street bridge, all the way around alameda, and the double back almost the same way you came. Along the way I went through the defunct airforce base. The next photo after 411 30th shots are the HUGE doors (no street view) on the base. I love ’em! On the way back I stumbled upon The Hotel Oakland. Woah! This building is 1 square block and looks like it’s from New York city. It’s on 13th off of Broadway, who knew?! Wikipedia suggests it’s on the list of Alameda County Historical Landmarks and some random site has this history:

“A residence and health center for the elderly. The building housed the finest hotel in Oakland until it went out of business in the Great Depression; in 1943 it became an army hospital and by the 1960s a VA hospital. From 1963 to 1979 it was vacant, before being reborn into its current use.”

Lastly, a sunset shot of the good ol tribune tower. Hi Modern Cafe!

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