Diceware in a box

1 minute, 2 seconds

I’m really happy with my most recent project I did at the shop. For some time now I’ve been wanting to upgrade from a mostly secure password to a phenomenally secure passphrase. For some down home good entropy, you should use the Diceware method to generate a passphrase. In order to achieve this, I made a “Diceware in a box”.  The ingredients for this recipe are:

Here’s what the final product looks like (click to see larger version):


The only changes from my original design I would do is instead of scrounging up some rubber feet to put on the side so the dice bounce instead of slide, is that I’d just lay down long strips of hot glue on the inside. This would achieve the same affect and be a lot easier.

Here’s the product in action:

And here’s the result (please do not post your passphrase to the internet ;)


range herr vq fr kirby dad pp!!!

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