Hardware disabling the mic on WyzeCam v2

I’m testing out using two of these cute, cheap security cameras:

It’s the v2 of the WyzeCam and it’s only $25 shipped.

While they’re easy to set up, their doesn’t seem to be a way to turn off the mics on them. Here’s the config screen for a camera on the android app as of version 1.2.76 on Apr 26, 2018:

So what’s a hacker to do? Open it up and remove the mic, of course ;)

2018/05/08 Update! – If you just yank off the mic there’s a LOT less disassembly. I had two more cams come through, so I made a video of the whole thing. 10 minutes or less! Otherwise, read on below for old, solder method.

Old Solder method – I was too impatient to take all the step by step photos, but the only tricky part was getting the two plastic plates off after the initial two outer screws. My advise: it takes more force than you think!

You have to fully disassemble the camera to be able to solder out the mic. There were 5 or 6 screws, two ribbon cables and an antenna, speaker and camera power lead that all needed to be taken apart.

Here’s a before and after picture:

After re-assembling both cameras everything still works – w00t! Here’s to hardwired audio privacy, as it should be.



  1. Thanks for the video! I’m always by the internet, but this was 100% exactly what i needed. I’m not going to have a live audio feed to my interior via this camera when I’m not sure of the security. So this was an excellent and relatively simple fix. thanks!


    1. Paul B – Yay! Glad to have helped.


    2. Cool. It has been asked to put the setting into the app but the company has refused from what I see is 10 months or more ago. I think if they were going to they would have done it by now.

      There is a reason they don’t. Maybe get there jollys hearing what goes on behind closed doors.

      Thanks to this video, Mine is now taken out.


      1. Kevin – awesome! Thanks for the note ;)


  2. Thank You!!!!!
    Followed your video instructions.
    I ripped the microphone off the circuit board. There should be a physical switch on device. I have two cameras so far. One in a bedroom window watching the front door and driveway. No way I could use this location with a working microphone. Microphone needs to be the user’s choice. 2019.04.07.


  3. Thank you, it worked very well!


  4. You are the best! Thank you for taking the time to make and share this video. Exactly what I needed and as simple as you made it seem.


    1. Becky – Super cool! Glad there’s another happy customer with this how to guide.


  5. That’s a lot of trouble to go through but if it’s set up where no audio is EVER wanted, I get it.

    But what if I want to turn audio off and then back on at a later date. Or what if I want to be heard but they can’t speak back.

    Question: Do you think there is a way to muffle the mic instead? Some sort of thick foamy material over the speaker (assuming that’s the part with the open lines up and down one side).

    Thoughts? Has anyone tried doing this?


    1. Reyanna – yeah – this trick is definitely for those that never want their mic to work again. You could get tricky and try to wire an inline switch so you could turn it on and off! As well, there’s definitely room to stuff something in there to block the mic. It’s so small it wouldn’t take much. Report back if you try anything, I’d love to hear about it!


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