SYN Shop Class: SSH Keys with free VMs for members

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As part of putting some good hardware to use, I taught a class on how to use SSH Keys the other week. As this was the first time I taught this class, it took a good long while to do the prep for it. I figured it’d take 6 hours (3 sessions @ 2hr), but I think I ended up putting in closer to 15 hours. There’s still room for improvement!

The slides are available (PDF), as is the video (below). I hope to redo this class so that it’s a generic “learn about SSH Keys” which then could be open to the general public. That said, I’m really glad to see we’re up to 16 containers and the load average is only at 0.37 right now ;)

PS – I know, I know, those are not VMs, they’re actually containers!

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