MapTableMaker: An open source, simple-to-use, high resolution SVG map tool

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After helping release MapTable, I knew I wanted to make it more accessible for non-programmer types. While my post about using MapTable in WordPress was a start at this, you still had to have be fairly comfortable with code.

No longer! As of today, you can now use a stand alone web site to generate high resolution choropleth maps: enter MapTableMaker! This is an web application that let’s you enter CSV values for each country and quickly generate a choropleth map of the values. It allows you to specify both positive integers which will render in blue and negative ones that will show in red. It uses a percentile scale to distance the colors so they’ll be more easy to discern from each other. The resulting map is high resolution and print-ready. Here’s an example:

Of course, if you’d like run your own instance of this, MapTableMaker is fully open source (MIT). Check out the GitHub page for MapTableMaker for details on how to get your own server set up!

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