I a while ago I saw how amazing the WordPress plug-in infrastructure was. As a privacy nut, I thought it would be rad if there was an easy way to […]

Much like the form Thermodynamics post, this video is good one to watch and try to figure out what it is before the camera zooms out: If you listen carefully […]

As a fan of security and strong passwords, I read with interest Lifehacker’s article about how easy it is to hack passwords. In general the article is right on the […]

Old Tools, Loved Tools

Though I’m trying to be less and less attached to my material possessions, I do have some that I love having. Two that come to mind are some of the […]

I need to do a better job of not being mr-jerky-cam, but my gaffers were on strike that day, so I had to do it all myself.

Baby Spider Pictures

My in-laws have an awesome back yard and against their above ground pool I found a mom and her baby spiders hanging out in their web. After finding an improv […]