Old Tools, Loved Tools

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Though I’m trying to be less and less attached to my material possessions, I do have some that I love having. Two that come to mind are some of the first tools I ever got. They’re nothing fancy, they’re beat up, but I love them and every time I use them I think of all the things I’ve fixed, built and destroyed with them. I also like that the screwdriver is a bit melted from the time I learned about electricity. Pow! There goes the fuse and a chunk of my screwdriver. A few singed eyebrow hairs and I was fine. I think my fave are the dikes.

The sun was setting the other day and I had just used these two guys. I threw them down on the cement and did an ad hock photo shoot. You can see I used the screwdriver as a third leg to get a close up of the jaws of the pliers.

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