Bye Bye Meego, Hello Ubuntu Netbook Remix

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Meego, as I mentioned before, is really really cool. I was able to get all my apps installed and even managed to get my Google calendar, mail and contacts syncing by just adding it via the email client under IMAP (BTW – Meego, you should really highlight that feature!). All the apps even appeared as a native icon alongside the pre-installed ones which is a really nice touch. Alas, the lack of a working AIM client is just too much. It’s my primary IM network and it just bugged me that it didn’t work. Which is too bad, because Meego is so close to being perfect. Well, too about AIM and about sleep.

So, what to do? After reading Mr. Doctorow’s latest post, I was reminded about good ol’ Ubuntu. Sure enough, there’s a Netbook remix. Let’s give it a whirl! USB key is prepped and primed and install is imminent.

Also – I love love love (yeah, 3 times)!. This is a super easy way to create bootable USB drives (aka live “CDs”) of your local linux distro. The old days of some crazy fdisk silliness is gone. Now it’s just point and click. Love it.

Stay tuned for my Ubuntification!

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