New Love: Meego

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A bit ago I read a post about Meego 1.0 being available. I had a Acer great netbook that was suffering from a slow slow install of XP. I’d been thinking of going to Linpus, which originally shipped with the Aspire Ones. However, Meego had great live, bootable USB download which allowed me to give the whole OS a spin on my hardware. Everything just works: webcam, USB bluetooth dongle, wifi, NIC and internal SD Card.

Last night, I took the plunge and installed it over XP.

Today, I’m happy to report I’m never going back to XP on this lil’ guy. I got Dropbox, KeepassX, Synergy and sshd all working with out a lot of hassle. The boot time is insanely fast. Google Chrome is WAY faster than FF3.6 in XP. I am a very happy camper.

Go Meego today! Full disclosure – sleep looks to be broken :(

Update: It looks like AIM is broken too. That’s a real bummer because it’s my main IM network.

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