I’ve recently taken a serious look at the reality of theft of computers as well as ensuring privacy and reducing data loss should such a theft occur. Take a moment […]

Two loves: CSS & Recaptcha

I just spent some time trying to outrun my cobbler’s child-dom by using mod_rewrite to make the old URLs for contact, about and projects pages to drop the oh so […]

Stir Fry Dinner

Here’s some photos I took of tonight’s meal. I love it when the sweets cooks for me, but I also enjoy honing my ad hoc stir fry skills.

Tasty comfort food

I’m a lucky man. Not only do I get to learn about a new comfort foods from my partner, she’s a phenomenal cook too. Last night we had fishcakes, mac […]

Wonderful Bike Lane Signs

My sweetie and I were on our way out to the California Academy of Sciences and took the good ol’ wiggle up to Fell to get to the pan handle. […]