Go Faster Encoding

A while ago I mentioned my quest for a multi-core optimized encoder (transcoder). Recently I was giving DVDFab’s product a whirl and wow! Moving a DVD to an MP4 with […]

24 hours in photos

Hey all! A quickie photo post of pics taken with the new phone. Sunset from the tippy top of Volmer Peak, coffee at the new and wonderful Modern Coffee in […]

PhotoRec to the rescue!

Recently the SDHC card for our new camera went bad. All computers and the camera said that the card needed to be formatted and could not be read. Running windows […]

Every vehicle is a Prius!

I was riding into work in casual carpool this morning when I noticed a sticker in the rear passenger window: “PZEV”. This stands for “Partial Zero Emission Vehicle”. What!? Isn’t […]