Detecting IPv6 with JS and PHP

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A friend of mine wanted a way to know if visitors to her site were coming from an IPv6 address. To do this, you would run some PHP to output a JS variable with global scope:

// thanks to:
if (substr_count($ip, ":") > 0 && substr_count($ip, ".") == 0) {
        $js = 'var is6 = true';
} else {
        $js = 'var is6 = false';
print "<script>$js</script>";

And then to give the user a sense of excitement, animate showing them if they are v6 or v4. You’ll need jQuery for this, of course:

<div id="ipwhich" style="font-size:2em">?</div>
var showMe = 'v4!';
        var showMe = 'v6!';     

I did up a live demo: give it a try!

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