How much should you trust the cloud?

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Recently there was quite a bit of hubulub about Dropbox allowing everyone’s account to be accessed by anyone for 4 hours. This is bad, obviously. The guys over at Securosis got it right in their response. However, y’all should have known already to encrypt anything in the cloud if you were reading this here fine blog back in aught nine.

I clearly do not trust cloud, or really, any services online (I also take issue with “the cloud” being synonymous with “online”). The few online services I do use, I follow extremely good password practices. For example, my gmail password being over 20 characters of which I don’t know even know. Really, we should all be using two factor authentication to really lock things down.

I’m still quite concerned with a scenario where gmail is hacked site wide (not per use phished or even “whaled”). There’s nothing you can do in this scenario to protect yourself. How expensive in time, and potentially, literal money, is it worth to have a free service like gmail at the point it gets hacked? I’ve asked the same question myself and have even priced out other hosted, dedicated email services, free or no.

So, the point of this post is A) Nya nya, I told ya so and B) be safe!

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