I’ve been saying this for years, but there’s two laws out there when considering a new geek purchase. The first is Moore’s law which says: The number of transistors that […]

More water, more spider webs

Apparently the shutterbug in me loves spiders as well as their webs when wet. Or, maybe I just need an excuse to try to master my (still some what) new […]

Spiders abound

I never really paid much attention, but apparently there is a spider season. We’re clearly in it! Tons of webs and tons of spiders. It’s cool. Here’s one I found […]

Spider web and Hard Drives

What to do on a sunny weekend? Why, hose down your local spider web, line up hard drives and take videos and photos of them all, of course! It is […]

I had a lovely time tonight celebrating my friend Bill’s birthday. Happy birthday Bill! Here’s a photo; be sure to click through to see them all: As well as two […]

As we all know, there’s been a lot of movement in all levels of government around budget cuts instead of tax increases. I was inspired to make today’s post after […]

This is a quick post to voice my public support for the price increases over at Netflix. Assuming that the 17,000 complaints are from unique people, which is unlikely, this […]