How to embed Vimeo Videos: The hard way

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I’ve been chatting with my friend about how to embed Vimeo videos on his site. He was trying to figure a way to do html5 and flash and auto-detect if you’re a desktop browser or a mobile browser (or an iPad). By using JavaScript he could show the user the right video. I’ve accepted this challenge and I introduce: Plip’s Vimeo JavaScript Embedder v.01. One thing I didn’t do was scour the Vimeo forums to see if this had been done. What I did set out to do was:

  • Learn Vimeo Simple API
  • Write code some one had requested
  • Have a programming goal that I could prove could be done in just one night

Arguably, I may not have achieved the last item as I actually haven’t tested it on a mobile device yet (yeah, I’m a lazy, lazy man), but I’m pretty sure it’ll work on a WebKit device.

It should be noted, I don’t think I’m a very good JavaScript coder and this is version .01. Even so, should I add a “JavaScript” category?!

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