This is not an iPad

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At work some one has an old Newton. They’re trying to get it to turn on so they can take it on BART and pretend it’s an iPad. The whole thing got me thinking: not only do I remember the Newton, I had one! Any more, I’m trying to limit the crap in my life, instead of increase the amount. After trying unsuccessfully to sell it on craigslist in 2004, I gave the ol’ guy away to Dan Vine who at time was running the totally awesome iCapture. Back then I did a boat load of cross browser testing using iCapture. When I offered it to Dan as a token of appreciation, he jumped at the chance. Check out Dan’s ieCapture which has taken of the place of iCapture.

So, I guess let’s chalk this post as a big fat rambling, but here’s the photos I took to sell my newton. You know that 16gb micro sd card that came with your phone? Check out the 1MB card that’s the size of a PC Card!

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