Taking the plunge: Safari 4 Full Time

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I’ve decided that the massive rendering performance complimented with the developer features of Safari 4 are worthy enough to try to make it my full time browser. The hardest thing to give up about Firefox (FF3) is my beloved Firbug. Writing this post in Safarai already I miss the “I’m feeling lucky” feature of FF3 when you just type a random term in the URL bar and hit return.

I’ll report back in a few days as to how I like it, or how I don’t. I will say I already don’t like the new “top sites” feature.

defaultbrowserPS – I think it’s pretty silly how many browsers my computer thinks are installed. Because I have multiple VMs via VMWare Fusion with windows, dev installs of Safari2 and Safari3 and Firefox 3 and Safari (4 beta) these are pushed down to the OS in a semi-native manner. This means that when I choose what browser I want to use as default, it’s quite verbose!

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