Plip is no longer a cobblers child

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I work at a software company and do web development there. We have a more or less traditional set up of a dev site (well, a number of them, they’re virtualized under VM Ware) which can then push it’s code to a staging site and that can finally get pushed to a production site. This means developers can break stuff on their own virtualized instance of the site with out mucking up content editors working on staging. In turn, those editors half finished article won’t be seen by any one on the production site.

Welps, thanks to SVN, plip has a copy of the key pieces (home page, blog and URL shortner) in it’s own SVN repository. This means I can check out a local copy via a windows client and have a full dev/staging instance all in one on my desktop at home. Super handy and I should have done it years ago, but I’m just now not being such a lame cobbler!

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