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Stir Fry Dinner

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Here’s some photos I took of tonight’s meal. I love it when the sweets cooks for me, but I also enjoy honing my ad hoc stir fry skills.

Tasty comfort food

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I’m a lucky man. Not only do I get to learn about a new comfort foods from my partner, she’s a phenomenal cook too. Last night we had fishcakes, mac and cheese and green beans. Admittedly the mac and cheese was from a box, but it at least it was organic. We got a new camera, so I’ve been a bit trigger happy with it. Enjoy some macros of the three dishes all plated up!


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macchiatoI will be the first to confess that I love the ritual around coffee as much as I love the the actual drinking of coffee. Today, joining my pal from twtitw, I went to the wonderful Cento Cafe. It was sunny, the two macchiatos looked lovely and I was as happy as, well, as a me drinking phenomenal coffee with a good friend in the sun!

This is what makes a happy Sunday

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Well, this and a good bike ride!

With out really knowing it, I’ve been working my way through the Joy of Cooking’s pancake recipes. I’ve done basic, cornmeal and today was buttermilk. The basic is a bit watery, resulting in flatter pancakes. Today was the opposite, a bit fluffy. However, the fluff made for a great 3d pacman pic.