Stir Fry Dinner

Here’s some photos I took of tonight’s meal. I love it when the sweets cooks for me, but I also enjoy honing my ad hoc stir fry skills.

Tasty comfort food

I’m a lucky man. Not only do I get to learn about a new comfort foods from my partner, she’s a phenomenal cook too. Last night we had fishcakes, mac […]


I will be the first to confess that I love the ritual around coffee as much as I love the the actual drinking of coffee. Today, joining my pal from […]

This is what makes a happy Sunday

Well, this and a good bike ride! With out really knowing it, I’ve been working my way through the Joy of Cooking’s pancake recipes. I’ve done basic, cornmeal and today […]

This is what makes a happy Saturday

Fresh veggies from the farmers market, prepped ready to be made into: An omelet with basil, mozzarella & bell pepper A basil, garlic, corn, collared greens tart A dutch baby […]