Daily Archives: October 14, 2009

Firefox “reset” is really “launch in safe mode”

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I know that it’s not that hard to find out how to do it , but I am still disappointed two fold in how hard it is to reset Firefox 3.5. First, if you look at Safari, it’s super easy to reset it. Secondly, it’s not called ‘resetting’, it’s called ‘safe mode’. Further, your mom doesn’t want to do this on her mac:

/Applications/Firefox.app/Contents/MacOS/firefox-bin -safe-mode

Yeah, I guess for the most part your mom isn’t doing bleeding edge AJAX development that hoses her browser so she needs to do a full factory reset like I was today. But still, make it easier for me?

Sadly, the lil’ ol’ plip blog probably isn’t popular enough to give ‘reset ff3.5’ a higher ranking in google to turn up ‘use safe mode, silly!’

For those who read our Safari full time post of yore, you ask, “what’s the verdict?” The verdict is I use both. I would say that on a Mac, Safari is hands down an insanely fast browser. Faster that FF3 or FF3.5. However, firebug is the absolute no contest, pack it up and go home winner of JS debugging, DOM tweaking, ad hoc CSS styling, OMG there’s-another-feature-I-didn’t-know-about web developers god send life raft. Indeed. So, I use both. Yes, it does help to have a silly amount of screen real estate:

Update: Firefox 3 had the feature want, I just remembered!

Update 2: I’m wrong. Firefox 3.5 does have it.

I got four cores but a distributed load aint [on] one

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Hi there way too powerful desktop, why don’t you distribute a high load across more cores? I know your authors would have to work to make the process multithreaded and who would have thought that a lil’ mp3 player would every be networked and asked to download the XML library of 5 remote mp3 collections simultaneously, but still?! I want me fast computer now. Thanks.